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Uhamka with The Minister of SOEs Launches Student Innovation Start-Ups

University of Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA (UHAMKA) held a Public Lecture with the theme of education synergy in strengthening the behavior of the socio-economic resilience of the community in the New Normal Era, which was attended by the Minister of SOEs of Indonesia, Erick Thohir. This activity took place in the AR Fachrudin Hall, FEB Uhamka on Thursday (01/20).


Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro, as Chancellor of Uhamka, said that the current era is entering the digital era. This can be seen from the world's top ten companies which are dominated by digital companies; for example, Apple's market capital reaches US$ 2 trillion or equivalent to Rp. 29,600 trillion.


"In this case, we can see from our state budget which has doubled. I believe that Mr. Erick Thohir has the right strategy with SOEs. Mr. Erick's breakthrough in uniting SOEs, renovating Sarinah, "cleaning" is a part of strengthening the behavior of socio-economic resilience society today," said Gunawan.


Gunawan said that Uhamka has about 21 thousand students, from various faculties, as a campus where quality human resources are formed. He believes that students must understand the Knowledge-Based Economy, three strengths of HR: skills, digital reinforcement, and physically fit.


"We have tried to start and delighted that Mr. Erick to be willing to launch the Uhamka start-up which was initiated by the Islamic Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy Lab. Currently, there are four start-up programs that FEB Uhamka students have innovated: the Reylie program by Azhar Luthfi and his team, Food Distribution by Widya Anggoro and team, Garasi (Gummy and Gelatin from Rawa Semut Bekasi) by Fikri Hidayat and team, and Diserva (Digital Service Agency) by Ahmad Fauzan. All of these are under direct supervision from the Dean of FEB, Zulpahmi, "said Gunawan.


Gunawan added that Uhamka carried the vision of the Prophetic Teaching University 2024 and should have been involved in developing Prophetic values, one of which is improving Indonesia's economy.


"In connection with this, we really welcome Mr. Erick's presence at Uhamka, a campus that carries the vision of the Prophetic Teaching University. We want our students to become quality human beings by upholding the values ​​of Shidiq, Amanah, Tabligh, and Fathonah," said Gunawan.


Erick Thohir, as the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) of Indonesia, revealed that education plays a vital role in this millennial era. In this era, the economic ecosystem must be built together.


"Steps to build an ecosystem together are through research conducted by universities and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) that will commercialize in this digital era," said Erick when interviewed at FEB Uhamka.


Erick added that the future leadership baton would involve the younger generation. In line with this, students will play a role in the future.


"Just like when we talk about the economy, students are the ones who will play a role in raising MSMEs, Ultra Micro, and National Enterprises. So for the younger generation, this is an extraordinary opportunity, especially since our economy will grow until 2045," said Erick.

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