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Muhammadiyah Cadres Warmly Welcomed the Chancellor of Uhamka from the Mayor of Samarinda City

As a university that is accredited A and has 44 study programs up to doctoral level, University Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA (Uhamka) fulfilled the invitation from the Samarinda City Government, Dr. H. Andi Harun, in the Priority Room of the Karamumus Pavilion, Samarinda City Hall with several agenda items (14/1)


The Samarinda City Government hopes that Uhamka's arrival is the first step for synergy between the Government and the campus. The reason is that the Government hopes to establish positive cooperation related to education and human resources (HR) in the future.


In this collaboration, Uhamka, which now has 44 study programs, will be ready to accept prospective students from Samarinda to produce a superior generation for the Samarinda City later. Either in health, medicine, economics, education, or in other fields.


Andi Harun stated that the number of collaborations with universities shows that the Government is fully ready to support educational programs in Samarinda City.


He also hopes that Uhamka's graduates and universities in the Tepian City can synergize with the Government.


Meanwhile, Chancellor Uhamka said that the Samarinda City Government welcomed his party's arrival positively. His arrival to the Tepian City was none other than to stay in touch with Dr. H. Andi Harun as the Mayor of Samarinda City and a Muhammadiyah cadre who always made the city of Samarinda a center city of civilization.


Gunawan hopes that the City Government and Uhamka can work together to advance the nation and the state, including the Muhammadiyah association.


"This meeting was amazingly smooth as we hoped to meet the friendly Mayor. We pray that the current leadership will continue to be enthusiastic, continue to work, and continue to exist," he concluded.

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