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Building a Progressive Education, FKIP Uhamka Graduates 1.469 Professional Teachers

Muhammadiyah University Prof. DR. HAMKA (Uhamka) held a Teacher Professional Education (PPG) Yudisium in the 2021. With participants present in the Ahmad Dahlan Hall, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Uhamka, as many as 360 teachers and the rest of them took part virtually in Zoom Meeting. Total participants who were graduated were 1,469 teachers, Saturday (22/1).


This activity was attended by Temu Ismail, the Directorate General of Teachers of the Ministry of Education and Technology, along with the leadership of the Rectorat and Dean, Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro as the chancellor of Uhamka, Prof Abd. Rahman A. Ghani as the Deputy Chancellor I, Samsul Maarif as the Deputy Dean II, Lelly Qodariah as the Deputy Chancellor III, Izza Rahman as the Deputy Dean IV, Desvian Bandarsyah as the Dean of FKIP Uhamka, Khairil Iba as the Coordinator of PPG Uhamka, PPG Lecturers, and the Head of Study Program.


Temu Ismail revealed that based on Permendikbudristek No. 28 of 2021, there are several challenges that teachers must master in this learning era, consisting of the leadership transformation, PPG transformation, the formation of learning communities in each province, and adjustment of policy to synergy in the future.


"Therefore, you have more challenging tasks in the future because it is our collective homework to create a better generation in the future," he said.


Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro represented his pride and gratitude to the participants, the lecturers, and the government through an online conference for the trust given to Uhamka to organize the PPG program and create certified professional teachers.


"Of course, with this credibility, Uhamka commitment to maximizing the implementation of PPG programs, academic and non-academic services. So, the participants can obtain knowledge in the fullest part," he explained.


Prof. Abd. Rahman A. Ghani said that teachers must adapt to the challenges of learning 6C (Computational Thinking, Creative, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Compassion) in 21st-century education where everything is in digital form.


“Like it or not, we, especially teachers, must be able to face challenges in the current era; education is one of our ways to improve the quality and quantity of ourselves. So, hope we prepare as well as possible," he said.


Agree with Prof. Abd. Rahman A. Ghani's opinion, Desvian revealed that education is one of the aspects of developing the country. So, the development is influenced by human resources, especially teachers.


"The teachers determine the quality of national education. So, after this PGG, it is expected that you will continue to learn to develop aspects that are demanded by our professionalism as the educator," Desvian explained.


Therefore, Khairil Iba hopes that teachers can carry out the obligations that have been given to them as professional teachers to continue to improve education in Indonesia.

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