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Build Close Friendships through the PMM DM Program

University of Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA has officially closed the Free Domestic Student Exchange Program (PMM DN) organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture. PMM DN is a program that exchanges students to study at other universities to develop leadership skills and student skills, which make them able to make friends with various backgrounds to increase unity and nationalism, provide learning experiences to strengthen and expand students' academic competencies and provide experiences of diversity through implementation of the Nusantara Module. The closing ceremony took place wisely and was full of momentum, Wednesday (2/23).

The event started with the report of PIC PMM DN Uhamka, namely Purnama Syae Purrohman. He said that outbound students who took part in PMM were 26 people and spread over 62 universities. Then there are 53 inbound students at Uhamka from 25 universities.

Purnama, who serves as Chair of the Uhamka International Affairs Office (KUI), also said that the event had a special impression on him. "The PMM DN activity also has a deep impression because of the Nusantara module activity, which provides a lot of diverse experiences for students," he said. After the PIC report, Lelly Qodariah as Vice-Chancellor III Uhamka gave a speech. In her speech, she expressed her gratitude to the parties involved.

"I would like to thank everyone involved. Starting from the PIC and the team, the head of study programs, the head of the academic sub-division, the finance bureau, the lecturers including the Nusantara Module lecturers, mentors, to outbound and inbound students who remain optimistic about participating in this activity," said Lelly Qodariah.

Lelly Qodariah advised that this activity is expected to broaden the inter-island friendship network, even though they only meet in one semester.

"Even though it's only for one semester, it is hoped that we can establish friendship forever," she said.

The closing ceremony presented impressions and messages from lecturers and students. For outbound students represented by Aliffia Angel Aura Disa from the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program FKIP Uhamka who had the opportunity to carry out lectures at the University of Muhammadiyah Bengkulu.

Inbound students were represented by Hasannudin, from the Ganesha University of Education, who had the opportunity to study at the Communication Studies Program, FISIP Uhamka. Then Mubarak Ahmad, as the Nusantara Module lecturer, conveyed his impressions and messages along with Ayu Putri Seruni, as the learning lecturer. The messages and impressions conveyed refer to one thing, namely a special relationship; a friendship that can bring mutual understanding and sharing.

The PMM DN program has benefits for students. They gain valuable experience to be able to study at Uhamka online. Uhamka, which already has a Learning Management System, namely Online Learning Uhamka, makes it easier for inbound students to carry out PMM DN online.

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