(Wednesday, 9/5/2018) Vice Rector I Prof. Dr. H. Gunawan Suryoputro, M. Hum. and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine UHAMKA, Dr. dr. Wawang S. Sukarya, Sp. OG (K) symbolically submitted 9 names of structural officials who received a letter of UHAMKA Rector related to the appointment of structural officials. The names of structural officials among them are as follows:

  1. dr. Betty Semara Lakhsmi, MKM. ( Plt. Vice Dean 1 Faculty of Medicine)
  2. dr. Henny Hanna, Sp. KFR, MARS, Ph. D. ( Plt. Head of Doctor Profession Education Study Program of Profession Program FK)
  3. dr. Leli hesti Indriyanti, MKK ( Plt.Head of Medical Study Program of Degree Program FK)
  4. dr. Rizka Aries Putranti, M.Pd., Ked. (Plt. Head of Medical Education FK)
  5. dr. Sophan Y Warnasouda, Sp. OT., M. Hkes.(Plt. Head of Sub Lab Skill FK)
  6. dr.  Rahimi Saidah, Ph.D. (Plt. Head of Sub Lab Biodemic FK)
  7. Eko Digdoyo, S.Pd. M. Hum (Honorable Dispute Secretary of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Careers)
  8. Eko Digdoyo, S.Pd. M. Hum (Appointment of PK2M Entrepreneurship Coordinator)
  9. Erwin, M. Si.( Appointment of PK2M Business Incubator Coordinator)
  10. Nurafni, M.pd. (Appointment of Career Development Coordinator PK2M).

In the welcome of the Dean of FK, Dr. dr. Wawang S. Sukarya, Sp. OG (K) congratulates the duties of elected structural officials. In carrying out the duties must strive as much as possible to be sure of looking ahead, avoiding exclusive attitudes, always creating developments or innovations such as engaging with outside parties well. It aims to achieve a good result. In addition, in an effort to improve the grade and quality of future courses must go according to the code of ethics. In the planning period of one year, FK will prepare the accredited education and implement the work program and indeed manage the programs well.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector I, Prof. Dr. H. Gunawan Suryoputro, M. Hum., congratulates the duty to the elected officials according to the decree received. With good experience, knowledge and networking, UHAMKA’s Medical Faculty is ready to compete with leading universities, and by filtering human resources and educators in the Faculty of Medicine, hopefully their future will become a cadre that is academically optimistic to represent UHAMKA’s Leadership.

The University of Andalas is the university builder of the Faculty of Medicine for UHAMKA; therefore, it must design what the FK should do by the coach and do a good coordination with the RS Pondok Kopi socialize about the admission of new students FK.

Hopefully, all the shortcomings and advantages, together commit to the qualified FK.

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