Dean : Dr. Sugema, ST., M.Kom.

Vice Dean I: Dr. Dan Mugisidi ST, M.Si

Vice Dean II : Oktarina Heriyani, S.Si., MT.

Vice Dean III : Ir. Rifky S.T., M.M.


Engineering Faculty (FT) University of Muhammadiyah Prof.Dr. HAMKA (UHAMKA) was established on May 30, 1997 according to the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education Department of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 138 / DIKTI / Kep / 1997. Currently, the Faculty of Engineering UHAMKA manages three study programs, all of which have been accredited, namely:

  1. Informatics Engineering, Level Strata One (S-1)
  2. Electrical Engineering, Level Strata One (S-1)
  3. Mechanical Engineering, Level Strata One (S-1)



Being the Main Engineering Faculty that produces engineering graduates who excel at spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social intelligence in technological development in 2020

The Vision Statement of the Faculty of Engineering above contains the following intent.

Main Faculty means:

  • All citizens of the Faculty of Engineering, including the main behaved alumni (akhlakul karimah) because the Faculty of Engineering is a scientific institution and da’wah institution;
  • Faculty of Engineering to be the main Faculty (top) in line with other well-known faculty in Special Area of Capital (DKI);
  • Graduates of the Faculty of Engineering FT UHAMKA who are competent with specialization in engineering based on excellent in spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social intelligence.

Excellent in spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social intelligence means as follows:

  • Spiritual Intelligence, indicated by the attitude and belief that the whole repertoire of science comes from Allah SWT. Therefore, UHAMKA interprets all the activities and educational processes that take place on campus are the way of the human child with the conscience to continue bertaqarrub to God in reaching knowledge from the main source. This spiritual intelligence becomes the basis for the formation of intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence and social intelligence of graduates and becomes a distinctive excellent value of all UHAMKA academicians and graduates;
  • Intellectual Intelligence, among others, is demonstrated by the nature and attitude of smart, creative, innovative, objective, agile, based on the attitude of tawadhu to Allah Subhanahu wata’ala and capable of acting as a solution for the environment;
  • Emotional Intelligence, among others, is shown by the nature and attitudes of self-consciousness, principled with better to ‘give’ than ‘accept’ as the implementation of Surat Al-Maun, such as emphatic, excellent, hard-working, couraged, and good at cooperation (synergy);
  • Social Intelligence, among others, is demonstrated by nature and attitudes beneficial to the environment, tolerant in accordance with God’s guidance in Surat Al Kafirun, respect for others, fondness of camaraderie, being integral part of the environment, responsibility for becoming the Muhammadiyah association element.


  1. Making Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan as spirit and part of education, teaching, acting and behaving to all academic community of FT-UHAMKA;
  2. Organizing quality education and teaching techniques;
  3. Conducting research in engineering that contributes to the progress of science and technology on a national scale;
  4. Conducting community service and empowerment that contributes to solving community problems and improving the quality of technical education;
  5. Developing an entrepreneurial spirit in engineering.


Realizing UHAMKA Engineering Faculty as the main center of the Muhammadiyah propagation movement that produces cadres of organization, cadre of nation and cadres of noble character, to be a pillar in the main society that is blessed by Allah Swt..

  1. Producing engineering graduates who are successful in a career and become productive professionals;
  2. Producing research in the field of engineering of national and international scale useful for the development of science, business, and society at large;
  3. Realizing the dedication and empowerment of the technical community for the benefit of Muhammadiyah and the society;
  4. Producing self-reliant human resources, entrepreneurial spirit, and charity in the field of science to realize the Islamic society that progressive.

TARGETS  to be achieved UHAMKA Engineering Faculty as follows:

Education and Teaching

The targets to be achieved from the program / activity of education and teaching of FT-UHAMKA are:

  1. enhancement of the average score of Grade Point Average (GPA) of FT-UHAMKA graduates ≥ 3.00;
  2. The graduation rate of students who are able to complete the study on time (8 semesters) reaches the amount above 60%;
  3. Graduation waiting time to obtain work in accordance with the field maximum average under 5 months;
  4. Availability of curriculum documents according to the vision and mission of FT Engineering and development of internal and external environment.

Research and Scientific Publications

Objectives to be achieved from research programs / research activities and scientific publications are:

  1. The gradual realization of the number of researches as the number of permanent lecturers of FT UHAMKA each 2 (two) for each year;
  2. The achievement of funding of research funded by external parties such as: Ministry of Research and Technology of Higher Education, Local Government, and CSR;
  3. The increase of involvement of students in research conducted by UHAMKA Faculty of Engineering;
  4. The publication of research results in Journal in FT HAMKA and gradually published in accredited and indexed journals;
  5. The realization of online journal FT-UHAMKA.

Community Service

The goals to be achieved from the program / activity of community service are

  1. The gradual achievement of the amount of dedication to the community as much as the number of permanent lecturers FT-UHAMKA each 2 (two) for each year;
  2. The increase of amount of service to society financed by external parties such as: Ministry of Research and Technology of Higher Education, local government, and CSR;
  3. The increase of involvement of students in the dedication to the community conducted by lecturers FT-UHAMKA.

Student Development

The targets to be achieved from the program / activities of student coaching on FT-UHAMKA are:

  1. Students are awarded national and international awards in the field of PKM, art and sport;
  2. Students increasingly get the average score of ability in English;
  3. Students increasingly involve in student creativity program (PKM).

Human Resources

Objectives to be achieved from the program / activities of human resources are:

  1. The availability of lecturers in accordance with the qualifications and competencies required by FT UHAMKA;
  2. Increasing the number of academic lecturer rank and number of certified lecturers (serdos);
  3. Increasing the number of qualified undergraduate educational personnel in accordance with their fields.

Institutions and Governance

The targets to be achieved from institutional programs and activities are:

  1. The implementation of the administration of secretarial services that is friendly, fast, orderly and polite;
  2. The implementation of Academic Information System supported by the readiness of human and technological resources in FT UHAMKA.

Finance and Facilities Infrastructure

Targets to be achieved from the program / financial activities and infrastructure facilities are:

  1. Availability of lecture rooms that can increase the capacity of new students to provide wider access to the community in achieving higher education level;
  2. Availability of lecture infrastructure based on information and communication technology;
  3. Availability of libraries, laboratories, workshops, lecturers, and representative auditoriums;
  4. Availability of sports facilities for academic activities;
  5. Availability a representative means of worship;
  6. Availability of canteen.

Entrepreneurship and cooperation

The targets of entrepreneurship and cooperation programs / activities are:

  1. Actualizing of potential, interests and talents of students in business and entrepreneurship;
  2. Establishing network of cooperation (networking) of students with alumni;
  3. Having a business unit that can increase the amount of acceptance beyond the tuition of students.

Quality Assurance

The targets to be achieved from the program / activity of quality assurance are:

  1. Implementing of internal quality assurance system (focus: Academic Field) FT-UHAMKA;
  2. Implementing of non-academic quality assurance system to support the achievement of academic field quality;
  3. Achieving the best rating in the implementation of internal quality assurance system for Faculty level in UHAMKA environment;
  4. Supporting optimally the preparation of execution of external quality assurance (accreditation) Faculty within UHAMKA to obtain B grade of BAN-PT.


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