Dean : Dr. Desvian Bandarsyah, M.Pd. 

Vice Dean I : Dr. Sri Astuti, M.Pd.

Vice Dean II : Dr. Chandrawaty, M.Pd.

Vice Dean III : Dr. Tri Wintolo Apoko, M.Pd.

Vice Dean IV : Dr. Izza Rohman, M.A.


“Becoming the best Teacher Training and Education Faculty at the National level in 2020 that produces excellent Bachelor of Education in Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Intelligence”. The explanations regarding the keywords in the Vision statement above are as follows:

  1. Spiritual intelligence, among others, is shown by the attitude of obedience in doing religious teachings, diligent in worship, noble, conscience, having the nature and good role model in society.
  2. Intellectual Intelligence, among others, is shown by smart, creative, innovative, objective, agile, tawadhu to Allah SWT and able to portray them as a solution for the environment.
  3. Emotional Intelligence, among others, is shown by the character and attitude of being aware better to “give” than to “receive” as the implementation of Surah Al-Maun such as empathetic, excited, hard-working, enthusiasm, cooperative, and collaborative work.
  4. Social Intelligence, among others, is shown by the character and attitude of beneficial to the environment, tolerant based on Surah Al-Kafirun, respectful to others, fond of friendship, integral part of the environment, responsible to become Muhammadiyah elements.

To realize the Vision, FKIP UHAMKA preparing Mission as stated in strategic planning (Renstra) of FKIP UHAMKA in 2016-2020 year as follows:

  1. Organizing the Founding and Development of Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan.
  2. Organizing Education and Teaching which are Interactive, Holistic, Integrative, Scientific, Contextual, Thematic, Effective, Collaborative, and Student-centered.
  3. Conducting research that meets the rules and scientific method systematically according to academic autonomy and academic culture in National and International Scale.
  4. Conducting society service by applying, practicing, cultivating innovation, implementation of science and technology in order to advance the welfare and educate the nation..

Based on the Vision and Mission above, FKIP UHAMKA has the objectives as stated in strategic planning (Renstra) of FKIP UHAMKA in 2016-2020 year as follows:

  1. Producing graduates who are ready and competent as cadres of Muhammadiyah, cadre of nation and cadres of noble character to become pillars in the main society that is blessed by Allah SWT.
  2. Producing graduates who have the skills of Attitude, Knowledge, Generic Skills, Specific Skills in teaching and educating both National and International level.
  3. Producing national and international research and general education that is useful for the Development of Education World and Society at large.
  4. Producing dedication to the society in dimension of problem solving, utilization of appropriate technology, development of science and technology, learning materials or training modules for enrichment of learning resources.

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