Dean                  : Fitriliza, MA.

Vice Dean I & IV : 

Vice Dean II & III : 



Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) University of Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA was established on March 12, 1999 based on the Letter of Decision of Kopertais Region I of DKI Jakarta no.199 of 1999. Currently, the Faculty of Islamic Studies UHAMKA manages two (2) accredited Study Programs based on BAN-PT decision: 237 / SK / BAN- PT / AK-XVI / S / XI / 2013

  1. Islamic Education (S-1)
  2. Sya’riah Banking(S-1)


Faculty of Islamic Studies UHAMKA continues to improve and develop its quality. It is reflected from the increasing public trust to FAI UHAMKA and accreditation status it has.



“In the 2020 becomes excellent Faculty in the national scale in forming scholars of Islamic Studies which are religious, intellectual, emotional and social.”


  1. Providing quality education and teaching to produce an excellent and competitive Bachelor of Islamic Education and Bachelor of Islamic Economics.
  2. Conducting research in the field of religious science as a form of academic responsibility.
  3. Conducting community service activities as a form of implementation of the utilization of science for the community, especially in the field of Islamic religious knowledge.
  4. Contributing thoughts to Muhammadiyah associations as a form of Kemuhammadiyahan’s commitment.



Producing graduates who are professional in their fields, having an inteurpreneur spirit, responding to the development of science and technology, serving the society with the soul of ketauhidan and Kemuhammadiyahan value.


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Jl Limau II Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Phone and Fax. (021)7234356

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