Wednesday (08/08/18), UHAMKA established a collaboration between Metrotvnews.com in the Online Scholarship Competition (OSC) program, about 17 Private Universities (PTS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Medcom.id related to the cooperation of Online Scholarship Competition (OSC) program 2018. Through the OSC scholarship program, the interest of Private Universities (PTS) to provide scholarships continues to increase every year, and it has been running in the fourth year.

Metro TV News.com which is now renamed with Medcom.id has participated in advancing the world of education in Indonesia by providing a scholarship competition program which is called Online Scholarship Competition (OSC). This OSC program is the first online scholarship competition in Indonesia. This scholarship is offered to prospective students and the best graduates of Indonesian students through Higher Education in 2018 who wish to continue their studies to the favorite private universities under OSC partners. This is motivated by the same spirit and vision and mission to provide educational opportunities for students who are capable of academic matters.

The 2018 Online Scholarship Competition (OSC) program involves 17 well-known Private Universities (PTS) in Indonesia and the opportunity to get 42,000 scholarships. This is done in order to provide convenience for prospective students to get scholarships at 17 Favorite Private Universities in Indonesia without the cost of a penny.

In his speech, the Rector of UHAMKA, Prof. Dr. Suyatno, said that the framework of establishing this cooperation is aimed for national interest of the Republic of Indonesia, and UHAMKA is a partnership institution under Muhammadiyah to serve the development of the nation through the field of education and information.

“Hope the collaboration with Medcom.com with 17 PTS can create intelligent nation children and serve Human Resources for the nation and the country”

“This OSC program is very relevant to developments in the world of technology and information that enable prospective students to access this scholarship program more easily and have healthy competition opportunities.

Last, UHAMKA believes that UHAMKA graduates will meet the expectations of media owners if they are given the opportunity to join and take part in their respective fields.


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